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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

this makes me happy

"A poem about his battle with dyslexia led a Klein ISD third grader to win a national poetry contest.
“Dyslexia is like a blueprint that I have to finish. It’s like a disease that never goes away. When I miss a word it feels like a tower that I have to destroy. Reading out loud is hard. It’s like being stuck in traffic on a huge highway with angry old men honking at me. When I draw, I forget about towers and honking horns. I am in my own world of Paper Craft People and me,” wrote nine-year-old Peyton Bolden."

We've so been there, done that, around here. And, like many dyslexics, Peyton has some profound gifts.

Full story here.


Joy said...

Wow! This is such a powerful explanation and description! It makes me happy, too.

Katy Noelle said...

This is my son!!! Aspergers - ADHD - dysgraphia - and, the most painful of all - dyscalcula. However, whereas dyslexia is recognized in schools as something that needs help, the other two - just as vicious - are not.....yet!

What a beautiful poem - what a beautiful story!

kathy said...

I know, because of my years as a mom as a dyslexic student and working with students, the most important part in the equation is caring parents. :-)

My dyslexic son just fought his way thru his college writing course - blood, sweat and tears and HOURS and HOURs of work and IMed me yesterday he got a 3.65 in the class. I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!