Tar and Abby

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How did Abby miss this conference?

Sasquatch Conference, here, this weekend. Abby could have told them Sasquatch lives in our pine tree with SasSquirrel.


mistress maddie said...

She is a smart dog like that! One of the few to see the creature.

Rhissanna said...

Link is fixed in the Steampunk blog and I really appreciate that you took the time to tell me. We could fix the interweb if we all did this.

Oh, and I loved the duck post! Kept geese once. They squit like ducks, only they're more aggressive about their squiting area.

Good times.

Dani said...

Poor Abby. :(

Bob said...

How nice that they make a special crossing for Big Foot!

MakingSpace said...

I just have to say it. You live in a very weird place.