Tar and Abby

Sunday, May 27, 2012

doggy updates and a chicken drama

Abby is still very excited to find the stinky kitty if she can. She only smells when you try and pet her. We're trying to keep her quotient of loves high and suffer the smell.

Tar is at about 90% Dufus. The anti-inflammatory is doing its job. Worrying that we don't know what caused his distress. But, for now, we are glad to have our boy back.

Doggy pictured above is brother's family dog, M. They were all out for a late night beach bonfire with friends. My brother noticed a stray dog coming at them and it launched itself at M and attacked her. My brother launched himself at the dog and got bit in the process. He was able to get the dog off of M and hold the offending dog until the park police got there. They took M off to the er vet and she is bruised but no skin broken. They had to wait while someone's pet chicken got stitches. Way to keep your priorities straight :-) Chicken and M resting comfortably today.


Sam said...

Max says take her to the beach with M next time. She will set the stray straight. She takes NO SHIT from anyone. She's not aggressive unless provoked and then all hell breaks loose. We took her to the dog park and someone had one of those psychotic gray dogs with the yellow eyes. Well it was just antagonizing all the poor dogs. Nipping and barking at them. The owners thought it was cute, until the bitch ran up on Maxine.
Then the owners of the 110lb pussy weren't laughing. Maxine didn't hurt him, just bruised his owners pride. Oh the excitement.
Anyways. Hope M and Tar recover nicely.

MakingSpace said...

Catching up here and glad Tar is feeling better. Hope Abby gets back to her normal "Today I Take Over The World" smell soon.

Bob said...

Proves the adage, I guess.
The chicken came first.

Glad to know the doggies are all doing well.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Henny would be pleased that there was no discriminatory bias going on at the emergency room. Meanwhile, glad M is OK and that the stinky kitty smell is fading on Abby. Finally, glad Tar is recovering from whatever...and I do hope you find out what whatever was, so's it won't happen again.

the dogs mother said...

Henny was in my mind when I read my brother's email. The chicken was also attacked by a dog. Henny would have kicked its butt!

Dani said...

Never a dull moment!