Tar and Abby

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

even iconic images need to be spruced up

now and then. 50th anniversary of the Space Needle coming up. I was at that World's Fair, lines were too long to go up. Still haven't made it, lololol!


Bob said...

I made it.
Cool views.

Sam said...

Well we have the stratosphere in Vegas. I hate everything about it. Mostly the way to building swayed when the rollercoaster would circle the roof. It has since been taken down, other rides have replaced it.

Big Shamu said...

I have been up in the Space Needle. I was most impressed with the elevator which was faster than the elevator in my building that only goes up two floors.

Do. Look. Down.

S'A said...

I don't like heights. I did the St. Louis Arch, survived, tried the Chicago Sears tower--froze and had to be pulled to the elevator. I'm done with tall buildings!