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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fossilized raindrops

Impressions of long ago raindrops that fell in volcanic ash.
From these impressions mad scientists can measure the atmospheric pressure of the Earth billions of years ago. Deep breath. omg. This is so cool. From raindrops. The theory was first put forth in 1851 (!).
What they have learned has flummoxed them. They thought the pressure would have been different but it is roughly the same. A mystery! It could be there was a whole lot of methane (one of those pesky greenhouse gases).
What they have learned is being discussed in the field of astrobiology (shiver) while they look at all those Earth like planets out there.
Article here.


Bob said...

That story, like raindrops when they begin to fall, is way over my pea-brained head!

Glad we have people who understand those things and can explain them in monosyllables to folks like me.

mistress maddie said...

I imagaine that this news made you very over excited. I hope you had a brown bag to breath in,lol!

Joy said...

Neat! Fascinating, too!