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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And the winner of Top Chef Texas is........

Paul Qui!
I picked out this picture ahead of the episode to put some good luck juice in the mix.
I thought choosing sou chefs by their dishes was an interesting twist. Liked it a whole lot better than the schoolyard version. (Please, please reality shows stop the schoolyard picks!)
I was surprised they made this a restaurant service rather than cooking for the judges. Not sure that is a good change.
Rumor is that Seattle is in the running for the next Top Chef to be filmed this spring. Crossing all fingers and toes!


MakingSpace said...

I hadn't watched that far but I love a good spoiler, and I was rooting for this guy. I'm figuring out that the editing has a lot to do with who we root for, but still. He was a hard-luck fella who found himself through cooking, and I'm gonna go with a "couldn't happen to a nicer guy" cliche here. His cooking talent was appreciated by the judges consistently throughout the competition as well. I'm pleased with how this one turned out in the end. (Still a Nyesha fan though.)

Tivo Mom said...

so glad he won. I would have lost all faith in Top Chef if they had pulled a Project Runway and let the mean bitchy girl win (ahem Gretchen). I love Paul and his cute smile. Yay!!!!!

Bob said...

I so wanted Paul to win, not simply because he was a great competitor, but also because of his dignity during the season.
Sarah, on the other hand, was all snark and backstabbing bitchy comments, and deserved to lose.

Joy said...

I like the way they chose based on dishes, too. Funny how some tried to guess the chef and how some tried to be chosen by cooking something recognizable. I'm so glad Paul won for all the reasons you and commenters mentioned.

Joy said...

Also thank you for not having word verification on here. What they use is really hard to read.