Tar and Abby

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The very wicked dinner - Top Chef

We really liked this episode! Loved that the chefs did so well and it came down to little things. We were surprised at who went home. Did not expect that. The movie tie-in wasn't too forced like so many of the tie-ins are. Charlize Theron was a knowledgeable hostess and guest judge. All in all we are happy Top Chef campers.


Bob said...

I j'adore Charlize Theron.

Dan said...

I loved the episode and yes I was surprised at who went home! It should have been the fat mean girl from Chicago! :) just saying!

Hope you are well!

Tivo Mom said...

I loved this episode as well. Thought the winner would have been different. So much Chris face time thought he had it.