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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Chef - Healthy Choice Version

So we've just decided to stop fighting it and go with the sponsor challenge of the week. This week Healthy Choice. TomC. was tweeting during this episode (he also tweeted during SOTU speech) and he said it was like 110 during the block party where the chefs served healthy versions of their block party food. I got the sandwich, the Korean bbq but meatballs??
Next week sponsor challenge - PeeWee Herman.... dear gawd!


Bob said...

I'm over Sarah. She needs to go.
And I was annoyed when Lindsay, while they were all talking about Bev, said she's very diplomatic but only got mad about how Bev presented 'her' food.
But, um, she was kind of a bitch to the wait staff, so, explain that Lindsay.

PS I'm loving Paul.
PSS I'm loving the idea of P.W. Herman.

Big Shamu said...

Is that the lovely Cat Cora? HMmmmmmmmm.

(still not enough to get me to watch)

froggy said...

Yes, is Cat Cora. And she's on Bravo sometime this spring, I think May, in Around the World in 80 Plates. Will we get Shamu back into the world of cable (or satellite dish)?

Big Shamu said...


Tivo Mom said...

I am happy that Paul is winning but it almost seems too easy for him. Kind of glad that Chris went home but I am not a Sara fan...