Tar and Abby

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

technology r me

Spent this evening following Iowa caucus via twitter and google (really neat map graphic) and texting with Eldest who is working so he could follow along too.
My favorite candidate didn't even run (Jeb Bartlett) but we are junkies all the same.


S'A said...

It was the first thing I checked this morning! The next few weeks should be interesting.

Bob said...

I know he's a Republican, but I do like Jon Huntsman and I hope he does better in NH.

I loved when Michelle Bachmann said she was not a politician...duh....and said that while the Caucuses were happening her wife, er, husband, Marcussss, was out shopping.

Sam said...

Can you believe I had to google that name? Jed Bartlet? If so, Joy has assigned me this series ( west wing) to watch as homework in the past. . She says that she wishes the President played by Martin Sheen was real. Ok. Now I must Hulu or Netflix it.
In Iowa, They have some real fine candidates in that republican party. Hehe

Joy said...

My favorite President ever - Jeb Bartlett!!