Tar and Abby

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

restaurant wars!

Boys vs Girls. I'd have rather been with the boys.... I've worked in all female environments and it hasn't always been good. Looking back it was young and female that seemed to go off the rails - and this crew fit that description.

Such a stressful challenge. I was surprised they threw in the decor component again. I sure hope there was some help behind the scenes to help with the set-up. Or I will continue to bet that Top Chef will be the first reality show to kill a contestant.

I will miss who went to Last Chance Kitchen!!!


Bob said...

I liked Ty, too.
Lindsay and Sarah should have been knifed togetehr for being such @#&%^$ing #%@^es.

Tivo Mom said...

hated the girls (except Grayson) and loved the boys. I actually Like Ty-lor.