Tar and Abby

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top Chef Texas

For the tequila quickfire - somebody just should have used the worm for the protein. (Okay, now The Engineer sez there are no worms in tequila. Well, now we know who didn't pay attention in college...)

It was a particularly evil twist for the chefs to pick the bottom three teams. Surprised they hadn't thought of that before.


MakingSpace said...

Oh hell. We are soooo behind in our TC watching. The kidlets are currently obsessed (OBSESSED, I TELL YOU!!!) with Phineas and Ferb on Netflix. I will have to see if I can drag them away from that to catch up on TC.

But really, for kids, the second season of TC Just Desserts was da bomb. We actually go back and watch episodes of that one again, 'cause it's way kid-friendly.

Bob said...

A tequila challenge???????

Thank the goddess I DVR'd. [I'm an early to bed guy on Wednesday nights]

Tivo Mom said...

I agree...where was the worm? and yep I have eaten one before. not one of my prouder moments

Sam said...

I'm going to blog about it I swear. The only thing Texas about it is the name.

Joy said...

I agree with you about their having to choose the bottom teams. This is a strange group this season - at least some of them.