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Friday, December 23, 2011

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Update.3

So when the city saw the picture in the paper they were horrified!
The *tree* (actually a noxious and poisonous weed) was in a very dangerous
place - no parking, six lanes of traffic, it was an accident waiting to happen.
Watch out, Santa!
So the city removed it and the people haz a sad. Was the most commented story
in a long time on the paper's website.
But the city is not full of Grinches. Someone at the city potted the poisonous weed
up and presented it to the woman who originally added the first red ball (thus designating
it a Charlie Brown WeedTree).
The lady was grateful and placed the Charlie Brown WeedTree, with new decorations in a safer place.

Where it was stolen....


S'A said...

It was almost a heart-warming story! Maybe the person that stole it just really needed a tree.

Bob said...

Where there was a happy ending snatched out from under me!
Oy. People........

mrs.missalaineus said...

someone grinched the charlie brown tree....


Joy said...

Interesting story of the life and theft of the Charlie Brown Weed Tree.

Kyle Leach said...

Where it was stolen...the drama of it all. Froggy have a great holiday!