Tar and Abby

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Abby asks, 'why are you surprised?'

Squirrel pulls fire alarm -
and they have it on video.
The school was evacuated, the firetrucks arrived and the school was searched. No fire.
To the video tape! There in the kitchen is the squirrel scampering around, got bored, climbed up and pulled the fire alarm. Now, that's more like it!!
Once discovered 'a pest control unit was dispatched to the school kitchen to trap it. "He was released but he was given a stern talking to not to do it again," Henson joked.'

Abby sez, 'SEE! what have I been telling you?!!'

Full story here.


Bob said...

Where was that squirrel when I was in school and we had a chemistry test???

Big Shamu said...

Did it go on the squirrel's permanent record?

mrs.missalaineus said...

i supposed if their can be squirrely kids their can be kiddy squirrels.


Dani said...

Laughing at Shamy's comment!

mistress maddie said...

Leave it to a squirrel to liven things up! I dare say it is cute.....and funny!

Sam said...

I heard the next day someone reported seeing one serving of chicken on a stick in the food line!! Maxine has yet to encounter and chase the furry friend but when she does. Abby will be the first to know.

Joy said...

Funny squirrel and comments!