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Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Hour Catwalk

Starting January 10 on Lifetime.
From the website:

"Hosted by Alexa Chung, each episode gives four talented designers the chance to compete to create their own collection ... in just one day. After a first cut challenge and elimination that will test their innovation and aesthetic, the competition whittles down to two, each tasked with creating a themed collection for their own star-studded runway show.

Contestants will be on pins and needles when they, along with help of a talented and opinionated sewing team, must prepare to showcase their three-piece collection to the program’s judges, including Cynthia Rowley, Derek Blasberg and James LaForce. As the clock ticks down, "24 Hour Catwalk" will find out who has the vision, the talent and the endurance to put it all on the line in hopes of winning a cash prize and the chance to become the next "it" name in fashion."

Another Project Runway knock-off. All Stars starts the week before, on the 5th. How smart is that? Will give it a whirl.

Lifetime's page here.


David Dust said...

If it's a Bunim-Murray Production I'm staying far away.


Bob said...

I'll watch because I like those reality shows that focus on creativity--I'm NOT looking at you, though, Project Accessory.
But it does seem odd they're running it around the PR.

Big Shamu said...

Still sticking with Antenna TV which means this is a no go. Unless the fashions from the Rifleman somehow show up.

Joy said...

I'll watch & see how it goes.