Tar and Abby

Friday, November 4, 2011


The Great Plumbing Flood of April 18, 2011.
Work is completed. Will take me a lot longer to get things back to where they belong with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Also with spouse being slowly roasted by the entity known as the EN-RR-CEE until May (re-certification for the glow in the dark hamsters).

NOW we are dealing with money and insurance. This took FOREVER before. Restoration and insurance issuing estimate after estimate. They said they were happy, work commenced and now they are $11k apart. And we are in the middle.

Called and called insurance and surprise!!! They found mistakes on their end! Now we are $3+k apart. And we are still in the middle.

We had additional work done for $2660. (Note to self DIY from now on.) Really, really don't want to come up with additional $3k. Spouse is stressed beyond all imagining and I'm handling all domestic disasters myself (recent car bill for $1600). Deeeep breathing.


David Dust said...

Oy - does NOT sound like fun.


Sam said...

At least the flooring looks great!!! :-)

Bob said...

I'm sending a silver lining.

At no additional cost, of course!

MakingSpace said...

Oh my. Ohhhhh myyyyyy. Adding a little rainbow with a pot of gold to Bob's silver lining...

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Yes...keep (deep) breathing! The floor looks fabulous!