Tar and Abby

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snakes on a plate!

Of course Top Chef had to take on rattlesnakes. They are in Texas! They could have been here. We have lots of rattlesnakes and a huge Hispanic population and quinceanaras abound. (btw - wasn't the young lady of the hour beyond adorable?).


Bob said...

I liked the episode.
That girl was way too cute, and has a judge's seat on Top Chef in a couple of years, I think.

BTW Hugh Acheson's face has got to be made of rubber. I don't even think he's real.

David Dust said...

I never get tired of that story...


Sam said...

This was before you moved to the house you live in now. Right? Please tell me you moved.
If not. I'm noting in my smartphone to never ever stop by and visit you ever.

froggy said...

Nope.... same house.... shiver!
I was waiting for the workmen to discover a giant snake skeleton when they had to take out some walls but no... which means the snake just crawled higher and patiently waited for them to get their work done.
Actually I think the snake left during the three years we had a punk rock band in the basement. Couldn't take the noise.

Big Shamu said...

....or....you could have your own Chamber of Secrets. I would start investing in magic swords.