Tar and Abby

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

mom! landscapers are cheating!!

All Dog Alert! Dogs wanted me to see the landscaper guy blow all the leaves off the client's lawn and set up neatly, in a straight line on the neighbor's lawn. He thinks no-one will notice?


Sam said...

Max would scatter those leaves faster than Washington exited the liquor business!!!

Bob said...

If we didn't have so many trees along the property line, I might pull a stunt like that.

Joy said...

Uh oh!!

Dan said...

I dont rake untill all the leaves have fallen. Usually by then, most have blown down the street and I dont have quite as many to rake :)
bad neighbor?

froggy said...

Wind is an act of God.
We once had a wind that took all our leaves away. And our garbage cans and section of our fence and dropped a tree on our house.