Tar and Abby

Monday, November 14, 2011

Harry Potter 8 Review of sorts

We watched it Sunday night.
What a poor ending to the series. Characters we have known and loved for years were given tiny, bitty scenes, if at all. The scenery was so dark we had to guess what was happening some of the time. Endless scenes of students running hither and yon, then disappearing all together.
They did a good job of explaining the complicated bit about the wands for those who haven't read the books (or at least I think they did). The story of Snape was pretty good, could have been better. No movie can seldom match a book but others in the series came closer than this last movie.


Joy said...

Glad you reviewed this and sorry it doesn't live up to our expectations. I haven't seen it yet.

Sam said...

Never seen or read any of the books/movies. I've been advised to read the books.

froggy said...

You must read the books. Then you have to reread the books. There are SO many things strung thru-out the books that you catch later.

Tivo Mom said...

frogs, you know I am a fan. I loved the final movie but it might have been more that I took my 10 year old to see it in the theater (first 1 he got to see on the big screen). I do agree that others did it better. #6 is my favorite.