Tar and Abby

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Project Runway - the rocker challenge

I liked the boys in the band - but I have a soft spot for boys in the band. That is Eldest in a woman's orange leisure suit (he was 5'11' and 140 lbs at the time). He also had a powder blue one...

Olivier. If anyone (David?) had a drinking game in the number of times he bleated about the size of the lead singer (who was sexy as hell!) they would have been under the coffee table half way thru the episode.

Bert. Did not like at all. Thought the previewed Golden Girl's comment was for him. Loved the braids though.

Always fun to watch the designers freak out over men's wear, especially the female designers. While a fun change of pace the Rolling Stone pairing felt off - a plain old rock band wasn't the best choice - a Lady Gaga challenge would have really sung!


Joy said...

The one who should have been auf'd tonight was. Interesting challenge for sure.

Bob said...

I actually liked the pants that Bert did. I liked the stripe.

David Dust said...

I am so glad that little prissy twerp was sent home.


Tivo Mom said...

hated Olivier and am glad he is gone. loved ewan as well