Tar and Abby

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More intervention needed - Project Runway - ep 7

Team Broken Spring needed a lot more help than even St. Tim could pull together. And it all came down to JoshM. Of course. By the time he had his emotional meltdown we could have cared less.

The make your own fabric challenge is always fun but did anyone hear that it was supposed to be just black and white? The video backdrop was barely mentioned - just enough so we could see the HP's capabilities. And the music? Crickets? Are we trying to cram too much sponsorship into one episode?

Wasn't surprised at who went home. "I need a vacation" summed it all up.
So the ones left will show at fashion week which is going on right now. Nine decoys. will be tweeting the show starting at 9.30am EST or 6.30am PST!


Joy said...

Josh is a bitchy diva douche and gets on all my nerves. I'm glad the judges didn't like his design and that he was in the bottom two. I wasn't surprised by the one who went home, either.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Josh might go next. His design skills don't justify his diva attitude. (He really thought his tree skirt was avante garde!) There are still several designers that I think could win!