Tar and Abby

Monday, September 19, 2011

I have come for you, Top Chef -

beings how you have sold your soul to the devil - again.

"The ninth season of Bravo’s hit franchise, “Top Chef,” brings something new to the kitchen with a cutting-edge transmedia play sponsored exclusively by Toyota, allowing viewers to follow story lines across multiple platforms. Original video content on digital platforms will directly impact the on-air storyline, and only by participating on multiple levels will fans get the whole story. Whether on mobile, web, tablets, social media or on-air, Bravo’s transmedia experience will incorporate a wide-reaching promotional strategy to drive users to engage and experiment with a new form of content storytelling."

Transmedia is a word not recognized on this media device. That says a lot right there.

More breathless thrills and chills PR here.


Big Shamu said...

This only works if the story you're telling actually has interest and focus. I don't think Top Chef has had an interesting "story to tell" in quite a while.

I noticed no Emmy love for TC last night.

Bob said...

Just cook.
That's all the "story" I need.

Joy said...

As my 8 year old grandson (yes, Brendan, of course) would say, "That's hateful and suckful!" (sorry I think that's funny)

Joy said...

Oh, and I so get the reference in your title! They have definitely sold their soul. It's just a matter of time now.

MakingSpace said...

I can't really bring myself to read another PR statement after reading the last one.

I am not sure Top Chef has enough going for it to make it interesting across multiple platforms.

Also, wasn't the show supposed to be about the food? Fresh food? Prepared on the spot?

Ah well. May they have fun, I guess.

Oh. I see that Bob said it more concisely.