Tar and Abby

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How cute was Tim tonight? Project Runway

The Real Woman challenge can be problematic for the 98% of us who don't have model figures. You want to take a 'pizza cutter' to the shuddering designers. Tim's contributions lightened the whole episode. Loved the crickets at first when the men were asked simple questions.
And next week... who the heck are the Sheepdogs?


Joy said...

Why were Anya and Laura were in bed together. There are extra beds now. I thought the one who was auf'd would go this time and liked the winning design.

Joy said...

Oh and yes so cute! Tim was in a quandary about what to say a few times. Love him!

Bob said...

I always adore La Gunn.

As for the Sheepdogs, I'm more terrified that it's a group challenge.

Tivo Mom said...

still waiting for a wow moment from the designers. Tim always seems to make the how though.