Tar and Abby

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For the First Time in Just Desserts' History!!!

And Top Chef history.... a dog at the judging table going by the name of Jiggy.
Now we're all for dogs around here, and Tar can actually place his head *on* the table before he is told to get it OFF THE TABLE!, but we're not sure Jiggy has the chops to judge desserts. (One team did make a cute doggy biscuit for him. Tied with a pink ribbon.)

But first the SponsorFire! Let's make a new gum flavor! Apparently there is a dessert line of gums out there. I haven't chewed gum since elementary school and bubble gum so who knew? Everyone made a little bite of a dessert and one contestant won the chance to be in a gum off the company was having - bananas foster, rootbeer float and now a lemon pancake with a strawberry are in contention. And $25k....

Hugh of the UniBrow from Top Chef Masters was a guest judge this week. More about him later.

The challenge was to make a dessert table for one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump. All the contestants seem to know all about the show. Daughter and I are convinced that the contestants were told to be familiar with certain Bravo/NBC shows and sponsors ahead of time.
One of the husbands came in (Real Husbands?) with the dog. Jiggy. He talked about his wife's love of pink, elegance and Jiggy.

The contestants had to make up a table with decor and pink desserts. At judging table they were joined by some of the other housewives and Pandora, daughter of Jiggy's owner (and David, Gail needs to step it up in the cleavage department after viewing the frontal square footage of this gal).

The tables were pretty, had stunning centerpieces and the desserts looked yummy. One team won and one team was dashed upon the rocks. Hugh of the Unibrow decided to play the bully and it was not pretty.


Bob said...

I have it on the DVR and will watch later, but I just LOVE Lisa Vanderpump!!!!

Dani said...

Jiggy is such an awesome name! hehe

David Dust said...

I wouldn't know Lisa SumpPump if she smacked me in the face. Have to bone up on my Bravolebrities.


Big Shamu said...

Well. If I had still been recapping I'm sure this would have tilted me into disgusted fits of stomping around the dank and dark blogging basement. Really, desserts for dogs??