Tar and Abby

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even Teletubbies need clothes - Project Runway ep 6

If any woman could wear Bert's outfit Heidi Klum could!

I loved the participation of the art students, especially on the runway.

An avant garde challenge is always fun though the definition always seems to change. Looking up advant garde on google images and I can see Bert's outfit right at home.

Both daughter and I would like to know more about how Anthony Ryan handles his color blindness. It would be interesting to hear him explain out he goes about picking out colors and working with them. His artist steered him away from orange - smart girl.

Sad to see the auf-ee go home (or the luxury prison in which they are kept).

A 5 person team challenge next week?! I hope they have buckets of cold water standing by to toss on JoshM.


Bob said...

Next week looks deadly.

David Dust said...

The gay Teletubbie certainly would NOT wear Bert's design.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

tony's color blind and paints- ask him, he explained it to me so that it made sense.


Joy said...

This could not be a good thing next week. Disaster for sure!! Need medics!