Tar and Abby

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Silence of the Rabbits - Project Runway Ep 2

Is not Olivier reality TV gold?!
"I almost feel emotional..."
We loves him at the Pond.
We keep trying to place his accents.
Abby approved of the challenge.
Tar wants to know what happened to all that dog food.


Sam said...

Ok. If you can believe it, I watched this last night.
Oliver has the worst hong kong British accent ever, and I wasn't crazy about the top, it looked like dog bed material and it fit poorly. The bird seed dress on the other hand was gorgeous. The guy that got sent packing had an ugly dress but that young gay Truman capote with the puppy pad piece was hideous. He should have been evicted, fired, ejected and put out of the house.

froggy said...

At least slapped over the nose with a newspaper...

Tivo Mom said...

I just love Tim Gunn saying wee wee pads over and over again. Hated Olivier dress, loved the birdseed dress. Is Olivier fake accenting? He was born in Ohio. Also very androgenous. Interesting season thus far...