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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Of Ocean Power and video games

This is a really interesting article about current research and testing going on here in WA state regarding turning ocean power into electrical power.

Read thru until the end and you'll find this ---
"researchers from the University of Washington have been using remotely operated vehicles to scope out the rocky ocean bottom...

James Thomson, an oceanographer at the University of Washington's applied physics lab, said researchers had to use robots because humans were allowed to dive only 120 feet. They have discovered currents so strong that they can hear rocks rolling around at the bottom of the ocean. The currents are so forceful that it's even impossible for sediments to settle.

For Thomson, driving the vehicles remotely has been particularly difficult.

"I wasn't allowed to play video games as a kid," he said. "And now it has professional ramifications."


MakingSpace said...

He's still whinin' about that!!! I bet he sent that article to his mother. Haha

Dani said...

So I guess there's hope for my kid and her love of video games. ;)

Bob said...

Uh oh.....you mean....video games ar good?

I'm screwed.

Big Shamu said...

Is he saying he's a slow learner?