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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Desserts - with details (spoilers)

In a move to ratchet up the drama both challenges, quickfire and elimination challenge, are team challenges. The cheftestants don't disappoint. Despite only knowing each other for 20 minutes they manage to bitch, moan and back stab each other on the confession camera.

Quickfire - they took over a soda shop on Santa Monica Pier. They had 30 minutes to make a modern twist on a classic soda fountain dish working in teams. Winning quickfire - 'pickled cherries, chocolate sponge cake and cream'*, runner up - a milkshake with Captain Crunch. Winning team won immunity.

Elimination Challenge - pick a book and be given a fairy tale. Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood. One cheftestant from Argentina was all a sea as to what the fairy tales were about. The task was to build a show piece and two desserts for a masquerade party.

Winning was Little Red Riding Hood with a '
bombolini, with the strawberry gel you injected into it' and a 'blackout sponge cake with poached cherries and basil'. Their show piece was not to my taste, soaring and modern with little off kilter chocolate cottage, a sugar va-voom Red and lotus type flowers, a white full face mask dusted with pink. Odd. But the judges thought it verged on fine art.

Losing Team was Hansel and Gretel with a sad show piece. A brown, bare house - wth where was all the gingerbread, the candy, the wicked witch?! The two women on the team were snippy, snooty and mean. The poor fellow stayed out of their way and got blasted for not stepping in and his 'butterscotch brioche with pineapple, sage, and goat cheese mousse' was not foresty. Second dessert was a 'chocolate cloud with milk sorbet, cinnamon cotton candy, and hibiscus seltzer was equally jarring, and the seltzer was sticky sweet and nearly flat'. One of the two fighting women got sent home. Not even close on names - other than Orlando who may be auditioning for season villain, super talent or tallest man there.

*All single ' quotes I lifted from Bravo.

A drinking game for those that can - how many times, on any cooking program, do you hear, "I used a *little* this or that"? You hear this on Project Runway too, a *little* jacket, a *little* bit of lace, *little* black dress.

Previews - someone ends up in a cast. Cheftestants fight and cry and make desserts. Judges love and hate stuff. Some guest judges show up. Gayle is Gayle and boobies and David are you watching?


David Dust said...

I didn't watch - but may try and see a repeat before the hurricane destroys the Northeast :)


Joy said...

I watched. Some of those sounded good and some disgusting. I thought the right one was sent packing her knives.

Joy said...

Since the earthquake didn't get you, David, they're sending in a hurricane. I told you the Earth is tired of us!!!

Big Shamu said...

I ALMOST got to watch this but the house where I'm dog sitting cable was out. Too soon to name your favorite?

froggy said...

I'd say too soon. But already those who decided to be snarky to the camera right off the bat are not on the list!

Rainbow said...

Huge fan of the Just Desserts show!