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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Desserts ep 2

The guest judge for this episode was Margaret Braun - and she makes cakes like this!

The first challenge was to make a dessert from lemons (loooove lemon!). Apparently lemon and chocolate are not a good combination (why not?!) but the fellow running for villain tried that (he also ended up in the bottom of the elimination challenge so humble pie was on the menu). Descriptions via Hubert Keller 'Katzie’s lemon crepe ribbons with egg yolk and butter emulsion, Carlos’s citrus soup with sphere yogurt and olive oil powder, and Matthew’s lemon vanilla cream with mint puree and hazelnut sable.' Who knew there were such things as sphere yogurt and olive oil powder?? Thank you google.

The elimination challenge was to take place at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a very modern building, which brought out the most hideous cake designs for all the teams. Each team member made a layer and they were supposed to make some kind of design with the three of them stacked up. They failed. The insides looked, and sounded, delish. A very sweet chef went home, which Daughter pegged at the very beginning id-ing the elimination edit. I don't remember who won - they are still in that all look alike phase except for a few. No descriptions offered of the individual cakes except for Hubert Keller's favorite 'Amanda’s devil’s food cake with raspberry gelee, chocolate butter cream, and praline feuillete.' (Feuillete is a pastry?)

Chef Rebecca managed to break a bone in her hand in an off camera accident at their living quarters. She got it wrapped up (I've noticed a cast later in the previews) and kept on going thus landing her a place in my favorites list.

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Bob said...

I have this on DVR.
It sounds like a bit of a trainwreck.