Tar and Abby

Monday, August 22, 2011

hgtv has a red truck - ep 7

I have not seen this show - HGTVed - but apparently the homeowner gets a lot of rooms made over at once. By *one* designer. These hapless homeowners got six designers.

We liked the master bedroom. Hated the kids' rooms. The familyroom was oddly shaped and kind of a no win situation. Hated the living room. Tolerated the dining room. Thought the foyer was odd, non-functional and the above area was tragic. Do not like houses with soaring ceilings to begin with.

Winner was fine but the two they sent home?? Did not agree. The foyer/nook and kid room with the tragic 'bunkbed/lockerettes' should have gone home. (How long was that little boy going to fit in that tiny space?)

But we think they sent home people they could not envision producing a show with. Both auf'ed designers did not come off well on camera for HGTV for whatever reason.


Sam said...

They need a big rig makeover show.

Tivo Mom said...

Agreed on he ones that went home. As a mom (and I know that you know this) the faux bunkbed room was just dumb...

Joy said...

Agree with you and the reasons you gave about why they made those decisions. But the foyers and boy's room were so bad.