Tar and Abby

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The book, that had been banned, has been unbanned. We still have a committee to approve books that the teachers want to teach. School board race is crowded, this is a good thing.
The Engineer is at camp on the Oregon Coast. Just us girls at home. And Tar who isn't sure what he is after the Big Neuter. Actually he is sure he is a minion. Eldest looking for a job in his field (economics) that isn't bartending. GB still enjoying Silicon Valley. Abby on patrol, will report back later. Work on the Great Renovation, the early years, not happening this week.


Big Shamu said...

That is excellent news on the unbanning of the book. Also good to hear that Abby has not yet assassinated HRH.

S'A said...

Glad to hear it--I'm not a fan of banning books. The Lutheran Interparish School here banned Harry Potter. Because it's going to make all the little kids want to be wizards and witches! My kids didn't go to school there.

Sam said...

Hmmm. All this banning and unbanning books seems like an awful waste of time.
Glad to hear Abby is on patrol, I'm sure that's who Max is whispering to in the back.
Carry On.