Tar and Abby

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The puppies first 4th of July

We are paying attention to the fireworks going off around the neighborhood but we aren't *too* concerned. There have been some bombs going off. Huge explosions and I've been more spooked than the puppies. Their birthday is on July 23.


MakingSpace said...

Happy Birthmonth, A and T! I have a July furbaby too. She takes absolutely no notice of fireworks. Or the pit bull down the street. Small yappy dogs, on the other hand, send her into a tizzy. Sheesh.

Tell Abby I'm still voting for her for president of the world.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

obie also turns 6 this month ( i don't know the exact day)! hurrah and huzzah for all dogs with july birthdays!


Sam said...

Well happy first birthday and fourth to the whole gang! Loud sounds turn Maxine in to a greyhound clone. she will be staying comfortably safe and secure on my bed.
Please stay tune for video of our annual boom boom.

Bob said...

The only time fireworks bother Ozzo is if they sound like a doorbell.


Joy said...

Brigit the blonde diva is hiding from the noise. She probably thinks it's thunder.

Can't believe they're a year old already! Wow!