Tar and Abby

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway Season NINE!!!!

Well, that was a unique and different challenge. Felt the men were at a disadvantage but they, for the most part, pulled it off. Loved, loved, loved the winner. Sad to see the other go home. Also how brutal was the first four?!?! The previews looked full of dramas!


Big Shamu said...

As you know, no cable for me so I'm interested to know if you feel that all the folks that claimed NO MORE after last season's winner have returned to give the show more love?

froggy said...

I'm betting a bunch of them did. For us it is Tim Gunn who will keep us forever returning. I am so impressed with the fellow, at age 57, who is doing the show. We're rooting for him.

Bob said...

Loved Bert's.
Hated Rafael's.

David Dust said...

I actually ENJOYED watching it! And I didn't get angry!!


Joy said...

I'm all for Bert! Yes, it's his age and his background! I enjoyed it last night. There's hope for a good season we hope!