Tar and Abby

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The nose has updates -

Okay you Southerners - how do you pronounce the number 9? Our interwebz was down and I went round and round with a tech support person. Finally I had to say to her, "I know you are giving me a series of numbers. But I've never heard of the number 'num'.

Called the contractor for The Great Flood - looks like all materials are in! Meeting on Tuesday to kick this off.

The vacuum almost went headfirst off the deck. Followed by the shredder. Followed by my not-so-smart phone. They were all misbehaving and needed to be punished.

I feel better now.


Big Shamu said...

But......but.....your dogs LOVE you.

froggy said...

thank gawd for the dogs :-)
right now Tar is tracking a fly, lots of amusement right there.

todd carr said...

completely agree, I think more men should be flaunting themselves on television....the weathermen for instance could demonstrate a mighty wind using a wind machine and some of their lovely chest hair.

froggy said...

oh, a wet t-shirt will do :-)

David Dust said...

Remind me not to come visit you when your innerwebz aren't working. I'd be afraid of ending up floating on an ice flo ... :)


mrs. miss alaineus said...

and num is nine?????

i hope the little old lady sears her arthritic fingers on her damn hot glue gun for capitalizing on someone's honest error....she's a gansta crafter i guess


Mr.Mischief said...

I used to be able to flaunt myself on the tv, but the new one is a flatscreen and I can't balance up there anymore.

Bob said...

I've always said little old ladies aren't to be trusted. Gifters, all.

And, for the record, it's:
One, Tyoo, Three, Foah, Fav, Six, Seven, Ayte, Nan, Tyen.

Dani said...

LMAO!!!! Sorry Froggy. ;)

S'A said...

I work in a grocery store and I often wonder why the little old ladies have to have big ole full purses with their money stashed in three different places!

Sam said...

You think the southerns butcher the number nine, just be thankful you don't have to call Verizon customer service.
well thank gawd granny didn't whip out the ol' checkbook and begin a twenty minute semi autobiography that includes balancing her budget.
Warren Jeffs personal hell will begin when he arrives at prison, more than his privates will be puried.

Kyle said...

Froggy, I lived in the south for twenty years, but didn't ever hear it pronounced that way. Might have been because I wasn't in the deep south or it could be because twenty years have elapsed. How could you not love that face in the picture? :)