Tar and Abby

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giving Design Star another chance.

It surely helps A LOT that they have put David Bromstad in as mentor. Let's hope we see much more of him. The usual cast of characters. Some auditioning for villain right off the bat... lady, you on the left I'm talking to you!
My usual complaint - judges acting like it is a high crime that certain things didn't get done when you ask people to complete a task in no time at all. Let's face it judges, on your own shows your minions are doing your work and you pitch a diva fit if something comes up against a deadline.


Big Shamu said...

I watched a little bit of Master Chef last night. I think I can honestly say I don't miss the competitive reality show concept much.

froggy said...

I wonder about the future of reality shows. Apparently they are pretty cheap to produce and sponsors seem to be jumping at the chance to showcase their product. So we get all sorts of awful stuff to use on FoodNetwork Star.
That said I'm awaiting the next Project Runway with anticipation!

Bob said...

I liked Design Star. Then again, I like the shows where people get to create....rooms, food, clothes, art.
And you are so right about that Cathy lady.
Emmy-award-winning bitch.
I have my review coming up at about noon......