Tar and Abby

Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy Canada Day to mine home country where I was born.
I spent 13 years growing up in Canada until my Dad was transferred back to the States.

What did my Canadian childhood give me?
A native's understanding of the use of the word 'eh'.
Odd speech patterns and spellings of various words.
An understanding of hockey.
Up close and personal encounters with bears, wolverines, moose, killer whales, seals and ravens.
Knowing all the words to God Save The Queen.
an attraction to men in red coats with boots....


Bob said...

>and an attraction to men in red coats with boots....<

I kinda share that one with you!

MakingSpace said...

You didn't link to that Molson commercial. Hang on, here it is - http://youtu.be/BRI-A3vakVg


Happy Canada Day!

froggy said...

My brother was once sent to the cloak closet for saying 'zee'. He learned his alphabet from his American parents. He also got in trouble for correcting a teacher who said 'AR-Kansas' and told her it was 'Ar-can-saw'. These were all done very innocently. In those days parents did not take teachers to task. I would have been up at the school in a flash!

MakingSpace said...

Haha - I had to think for a minute what a cloak closet might be - I've never lived in a place that required builders to consider communal places to hang up coats. Heh.

froggy said...

We had mud rooms too. Rains a lot on the BC coast. Women carried little gold slippers to change into when they entered a person's house.

S'A said...

"My brother was once sent to the cloak closet for saying 'zee'."

Huh? What do they say in Canada?

froggy said...

They say 'zed', the Queen's English you know.
Not sure if they still do that with all the American television and movies. This was in 1963.

Sam said...

Happy happy Canada day froggy!!!

Big Shamu said...

All Hail Land of the Skunk Cabbage and Orange Cauliflower.

Way cool post card by the way.

Joy said...

I want to go to Canadia.

Joy said...

Not a typo. Being silly. But I do want to go.