Tar and Abby

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Chortle and update

This made me laugh - The Engineer threatened this when we found out how much of the flooring (almost ALL) and walls - yes WALLS! have to go. Mr. Estimater is wrastling with the insurance company (who have been very nice about it so far) and Mr. Scheduler for the Work Crew is coming by Tuesday.

I am in hog heaven - I have an excuse to get SOME PEOPLE around here to move on some things around here. Daughter went thru the books she keeps downstairs about three solid shelves worth donated how many??? ONE. The rest have been moved into garage storage for now. The Engineer can now see how many big boxes of hiking and camping gear he really has - the man can not pass up a camping gadget.

The Good Children, the two boys, are good about letting me manage their stuff. Eldest on his next trip home will willingly go thru his boxes - but only three are his....

Oh, and I'm getting a new bathroom vanity! Late 70s construction with a builder going broke and our appointments around here are the cheapest of the cheap.


MakingSpace said...

The book title made me laugh out loud - I just did a blog post about my life and called it The Mess - LOL - your mess is a little more concrete (well, asbestos) than mine, but your sense of humor and your obvious glee at using the opportunity to get rid of old junk - totally inspiring. Have some more chocolate.

Joy said...

Some good is coming from all this. Living through the reconstruction and chaos not so easy though.

froggy said...

always, always room for more chocolate!!!

David Dust said...

LOL @ daughters HUGE donation to charity... Thatta girl!!!