Tar and Abby

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A squirrel worthy of Abby's attention

Found this on my interwebz wanderings.

Reminded me of the squirrels at the University of Washington.
It was common to see students chasing squirrels who were absconding
with poorly guarded lunch bags.

Daughter lived in the tree tops in the International House, corner room.
She loved to open the windows. No screens. One day she was reading and
she heard a rustle-rustle-rustle....... looked up and saw a squirrel rummaging
through her snack stash. She screamed, the squirrel screamed....



mistress maddie said...

Ah thats so cute the bold little thing came in the window to get a bite! I love my pet squirrel in the yard.

Bob said...

Brazen hussy.
The squirrel, I mean. =)

MakingSpace said...

I've never heard a squirrel scream! LOL

Sam said...

Too funny. So it appears you had a few post disappear too?

froggy said...

yes, blogger hates me :-)

Kyle said...

People don't give them enough credit. They may not have much of a memory, but they do have a resourceful nature.