Tar and Abby

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Abby and Tar and The Law

We got a letter from the City Attorney threatening to fine us up to $500 a day for barking dogs!!!


Got on the phone immediately and talked to the woman who handles these matters. (Note - a thankless job and she was very nice.)
Turns out that some douchenozzle (thank you David for that phrase) has complained about every dog in a three block area.
I outlined everything we have done - the training collars, the fact that they worked, that I am currently unemployed (they are even cutting teacher salaries now in addition to getting rid of all support staff) so I KNOW they are not barking as I am home. I will now leave them inside when running errands in case they barked then.
I am sending copies of receipts, descriptions of the collars and will even get my neighbors to testify on our behalf! Including adorable pictures of Abby and Tar, taking advantage of every angle I can get!
The woman said that she was satisfied we were responsible owners. She appreciated the information for the file.

Moral of the story - keep all your receipts and invoices. Realize there are douchenozzles out there and you may need to keep your doggy out of jail.


kristi said...

Wow, that is crazy!

MakingSpace said...


Glad you have receipts and a helpful city employee.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

document, document, document! and see if you can catch the nosy nelly who complained falsely of something!


David Dust said...

My Darling Froggy -

One doesn't need receipts and documentation when one could just drop Abby of at Chez Douchenozzle. Just tell her that Mr. Douchenozzle is a great big Squirrel.

That'll take care of your problem...


Bob said...

Douchenozzle is too kind a word.
i'd call him a mother%^$$^^ing, &*$#$%^&*ing, &*%##$%@*&ing, ^%$%^%wad, (*^**(tard, **&*&^%^&^&ing, *^$%^&**^%%^&**hole.
But that's just me.

Dan said...

And this is why I hate people!