Tar and Abby

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Abby and The Frog

Her Royal Highness The Lady Bullfrog has made her annual spring appearance
and Abby has met her.

Don't tell Abby I told you this.
First she barked,
then she backed up,
then she sat down and growled,
and then she backed up again.

When the bullfrog jumped from the bank into the pond Abby ran to the squirrel's
tree. Was she seeking the squirrel's protection? Did she think the frog had morphed into
the squirrel? All in all, Frog 1, Abby 0.


Dani said...

Hehehe. Sounds like my jiggy.

Sam said...

It's a conspiracy. The frog and squirrel, both must Die!

MakingSpace said...

Ha. Haha. Hahahaha!

mistress maddie said...

Boy, are you worried she will try and catch it? One rough bite and that froggy is history! And where does the frog live on the bank or in the pond most of the time? It sure looks beautiful though!

froggy said...

Froggy survived the reign of previous labbies. Yesterday she was in the shallows and both puppies spent time grazing around and never spotted her. She reigns over the whole pond and rarely leaves it - very aquatic oriented bullfrogs are.

Joy said...

Frog a la peche! Peche a la frog!