Tar and Abby

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Murphy rolls in the muds after a nice baths

According to *the book* (previously mentioned). Murphy rolls in the mud after his nice bath because Murphy knows better. Murphy knows he needs to get back his doggy smells (which he apparently acquires from mud and dirt). If Beth used shampoo then the mission takes on more importance. Even unscented shampoo, doggy or not, has a fragrance to a dog. And if it is lavender and lilac and herbs and sunshine and ocean breezes, well now.... which is probably why GB buys Man Shampoo - which kind of smells like a cross between pine sol and turpentine.


Beth Hill said...

well.shoooooot. guess I need to find a shampoo that smells like mud...and decomposing bugs...and poop from other animals. But his natural "odor" ...eekkkkkkkk! so I guess I let him be stinky, so he's a happy puppy? :)

froggy said...

Somebody needs to invent Eu du Doggy!