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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Reunion and Top Chef Masters

First the reunion show. Lots of funny bits, behind the scenes (which I love) and getting to see my favorites, DaleL, Carla, Fabio. The bit between Elia and TomC over the rather scathing interview she gave was very uncomfortable - anyone see that? And it didn't get resolved.

Then Top Chef Masters, which I hadn't paid enough attention to realize it was premiering tonight. Changes!
A new judge, a new host and a new format!
Just like regular Top Chef - they start as a group and get PPYKAG-ed one at a time. They are playing for more money $250,000 and for charity. In their stew room, which is the kitchen, they get to sit at a table in comfy chairs. I don't know if we are going to get to see them in their jammies in their chef house/apartment. Since some of them are older I hope they put their foot down about that!

I think I'll like this new version of TCM - will get to know folks better. Challenges - quickfire was crazy and the main challenge - wow, they really threw it at them early. I won't say any more in case you didn't catch it - nice thing about Bravo you can always catch up.


Bob said...

I DVR'd both since last night was Carlos' birthday dinner, but I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Big Shamu said...

Tom didn't do anything last night to make me like him any less than I aleady do. I think it's interesting that he's upset that Elia took her offing personally but I bet Tom has taken every bad review any of his restaurants have received just as personally. I also thought it was funny that the majority of the chefs BELIEVED Tom would fire the chef who talked to Elia about the sourcing of his beef in his Vegas restaurant.

Again I must ask, why isn't Bravo pimping the hell out of Ruth being on TC Masters?

David Dust said...

I missed both - in bed sick. But I hope to catch up later in the week.


froggy said...

I've got to figure out who Ruth is... headed to Bravotv.com right now!

froggy said...

Okay. Back.
Wow, what a resume!!!
But I guess I can use me as an example - didn't know who she was...!
I knew of Gourmet magazine, Comfort Me with Apples sounds familiar. I expect most viewers are like me - clueless enthusiasts. Bravo, I would have appreciated a heads up!