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Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal wedding and royal swag

Thirty years ago we were riding our bikes around England and staying in campgrounds. Was a great way to get to know England, one mile at a time. Everywhere were heaps of royal wedding swag for Charles and Diana. Since we had bike packs for luggage there wasn't much opportunity to load up. I brought home a Prince of Wales silver necklace, a 100+ year old copy of Shakespeare's plays and a small ceramic half timbered cottage. The Engineer managed to haul home an authentic dart board.

When we got back I got up at 2am to watch the wedding live on The Today Show. It was sad to watch the marriage fall apart. I was watching TV the night Diana died. What a shock. Then the funeral and the poor boys.

I don't have much interest in this wedding. The dress is about the last mystery left. Being a good Project Runway fan I'll take an interest in that. I'll have the coverage on but no way I'm going to be up at anytime other than normal!


Bob said...

I was pseudo-interested with Charles and Diana, and I was glued to the set the night she died because it was such a shock.
But this?

mrs. miss alaineus said...

if i was still a 9 year old girl, i'd be obsessed with all this prince and princess pomp and circumstance. almost 40 year old me says meh and switches the channel.


Dan said...

I will watch the reruns.

David Dust said...

I don't know ... I just might have to get up and watch.

Sam said...

Riding a bike acround England? Look at you. Yes, I watched the original wedding too and was sad to read that it ended. Diana's death was so so sad.
This new girl looks fun but she will never be a Diana.

Joy said...

Same here on all of it except the being in England part at the time. I will watch coverage later on since there will be a lot of it. William seems to have learned from his parents' marriage and is preparing Kate for the publicity. Also he loves her which will help so much.

MakingSpace said...

Someone on FaceBook said Dame Edna was going to do the TV commentary. Then followed that up with the suggestion that she do the commentary with Eddie Izzard.

If THAT happened, I'd watch!!!

Otherwise, I'm a smidge cynical these days for all of that...