Tar and Abby

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I. Hate. To. Vacuum.

Because with puppies it gets SO MUCH HARDER.
First you find all the toys, pick up as much shredded sticks as you can and think, oh, the fluff from disemboweled toys - I can vac that right up.

No. No you can't.

So you have to do surgery to the vacuum on the porch but you can't get the stuff out of the last rigid hose which is packed with the stuff.

You try a bbq skewer. Not working.

You go in search of the two bendy things that The Engineer has. No where to be found. Do you call The Engineer and ask, keep in mind that all communication is monitored for security reasons. 'Dear, where are the bendy things?' I think not.

Then you feel the cord and the four mends where the puppies have chewed on the cord. Hoping that one of them is hot again so you can toss the vacuum in the pond and buy a new one? No such luck. Electrical engineers can mend cords...

I hate to vacuum because, around here, you never just vacuum...


Big Shamu said...

But that looks like a DYSON!!! You know...the one the british guy spent YEARS developing and then decided that the American public was ripe for paying out a whole lot of money for....wait for it....the Revolution in Vacuuming.

I have to laugh. Check out this dude from a site talking about Dyson machines. I think it's your husband:# Markandsomeotherletters said circa February 6th, 2011

Our Dyson that was supposed to be built for pets continually gets doghair stuck in the brush mechanism. My wife likes the machine but I get stuck with keeping the piece of garbage working. I wish she hadn’t given away the Hoover! Junk!
# Markandsomeotherletters said circa March 3rd, 2011

I just spent the last two hours unclogging and washing out and using a hook to pull balls of dog hair out of the fancy vortex top of the Dyson…which had in fact LOST SUCTION. For anybody who is stuck with one of these boat anchors, the trick is to get a wire clothes hanger, cut the hanger part off leaving as long of a length as possible to straighten into a long stiff wire. Then bend a small hook into the end. Disassemble the Dirt catcher part and look up inside to view the holeswhere the air is supposed to be coming in. Two to closest to the back of the vacuum will be the worst, followed by the next two forward and so on. Plunge the little hook into each one and spin the wire to gather some hair then pull it out. When you think you have it all, you dont. Take the assembly to the bathtub and run vast quantities of water into the inlet. Shake the unit out and go back to fishing for hair. Repeat the process 10 or 15 times and finally, dry out and allow to dry as best you can.
Now go wash the bathtub since it now looks like a family of ground squirrels was murdered there. Isn’t life just so much easier with these modern time saving Dyson appliances?
Have fun Fishing!


froggy said...


The Engineer finally stuck the plug down the rigid tube and we got three hair plugs out. I cleaned out the bar area but could not slip it back in. He did that then GB and I put the thing back together. It is now biding its time until the next bout of indigestion...

Joy said...

I love my Rainbow vacuum cleaner. It cleans the air because of that water in it. I thought Dyson's were supposed to be great.

froggy said...

When it doesn't plug up... it cleans great. A friend suggested a shop vac until the puppies are older.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Snaking a vacuum? Geez.

Sam said...

#9 has three of the coolest vacuums, and none of them resemble your Dyson. She does have a rainbow like Joy and an oreck, plus one real fancy thing.
Anyways I hate to vacuum !

Beth said...

god I love to vacuum! I love seeing all that dog hair on the carpet...then I mow a path through it, and vwa la!!!! clean carpet!

but ya, the clogged vacuum does suck....stupid puppies. and stupid electrical engineers that can fix all this stuff. ;)