Tar and Abby

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Flood Update

All the fans and de-humidifiers are gone! It. Is. Quiet. No more sleeping in a warm wind tunnel.
Asbestos found in the old flooring (new was put over it) in the upstairs bathroom which will be a hassle as it is a huge operation. Also in the downstairs bedroom popcorn ceiling. We knew that. Estimate will come in next week and then we start on the removal of all downstairs flooring and bathroom floor and ceiling (everything - popcorn, sheet rock, wood). So we get a bit of a break here and will work on stuff we can do.


Bob said...

No pun intended, but when it rains it pours....though I guess it's more like Abby's reign.....of terror.

Joy said...

It's definitely bad enough! Good luck!!

Kyle said...

Well, that list of things to do looks pretty intimidating, even for me. I'm glad there is a little quiet for you for a little while.