Tar and Abby

Thursday, March 17, 2011

more fun at the vet

Abby is back in and having surgery again - another spot opened up - where they didn't think they'd have to remove the non-dissolving dissolving stitches. Maybe they don't understand Demon Power.

And Tar now has an open wound and we can see the stitch being expelled. He goes in at 9am. Tar is looking forward to legal stoner-ism.


Big Shamu said...

So....the lesson learned is....traditional stitches?

froggy said...

Looking on the web you wonder if dissolving stitches works for anyone!

Big Shamu said...

Oh it does work....for the vets and return visits.

Bob said...

So, is Tar like a canine Lindsay Lohan? Getting high off prescription meds?

Seriously, hope the kids are all right!

mistress maddie said...

Are you sure they aren't doing this on purpose to get even more blog attention? I think they think their becoming stars!