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Monday, March 7, 2011

Middle of the Night Musings 2 1/2 Men

I've never seen Two and a Half Men. Had a vague idea it was about two men and a boy. Now that CharlieS. has gone into low Earth orbit I wondered about the boy. Would you want your child around this man? When they canceled the rest of the season I thought, for everyone's safety, it was a good thing, especially the child actor. You don't want him thinking CharlieS's behavior is, in any way, glamorous.

Tonight I ran across re-runs on another channel and clicked onto an episode. CharlieS's character is CharlieS! - no wonder he does such a good job. The episode had the boy walking into a room where CharlieS is atop a woman wearing sexy, black underwear, CharlieS talks about drug use in Bangkok and having sex with two women, the group walks in on Grandma having sex with a man she met that day. Ewwww (which brings up another subject - automatic disgust at elder people and any sexuality - wth?). All that in one week of shooting just one show.

I looked up the actor. He looks much younger than his age at the moment, 17. He has spent eight years with this show and, so far, has not gone off the rails in a Brittney/Lindsay/Christina wagon. Best of luck to him. Hollywood is very hard on kids.


Bob said...

Hopefully this kid--though he soon to be an adult--has a family at home that keeps him grounded and aware that a Charlie Sheen lifestyle is not something to which he should aspire.
Nor should anyone.
It's not "winning".

MakingSpace said...

First off, agree with Bob.

Second, I think Conchata Farrell could take Charlie Sheen down in a half a second if she put her mind to it.

Dani said...

Ditto Bob and MS.

David Dust said...

Duh ... WINNING.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Glad I'm not the only one who has never watched that show.


Dan said...

I have never seen the show, nor ever had the desire to see the show.