Tar and Abby

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's the Top Chefs - we're doooooomed!

I always wonder about the behind the scenes stuff. Did they have anyone out looking for sharks? Is the white garb traditional? Did they have a plan for rain? How many conch did they salt around the little bay? Is Mike's head going to explode? Is Richard going to get therapy?


Big Shamu said...

I think so.
More than likely, cooking in the rain.
A whole lot.
If we're lucky.
Depends on Obamacare. He'll probably go with DIY Therapy.

Joy said...

I wondered about those things too. We never know how this will turn out. I hope Antonia wins.

Bob said...

I have just three words;


Dan said...

I will never be able to eat conch again!

Mike's head needs to explode as far as I am concerned! And poor Richard, no mater what the outcome is, he needs therapy.