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Sunday, March 20, 2011

David Dust Grocery Shopping Mission

David posted a link to the New York Post's annual grocery trip. So many items and how much they cost this year.
Being a good Dust Bunny I checked at our store, with the help of The Engineer. We decided to look at the cheaper end of things - regular hamburger instead of organic, regular eggs instead of happy, free range eggs. Frozen prepared food, just looked for something comparable as they didn't list a particular brand/size. We didn't look at sale items. My perfect table did not post-fer so hopefully this will be easy to read.

1 dozen eggs / $2.62/ 1.59
6oz chunk light tuna / 2.42/ 1.25
1lb pork sausage / 5.36/ 3.49
160z frozen corn/ 2.59/ 2.29
tbone per lb/ 15.99/ 11.63
1/2 gal milk/ 2.52/ 1.59
1/2 gal OJ/ 5.32/ 3.29
frozen prepared dish / 4.92/ 4.29
iceberg lettuce/ 3.32/ 1.99
1lb ground beef/ 4.82/ 3.19

TOTAL/ $59.85/ $34.60


Big Shamu said...

Oh you know I'll be all over this. Look for KC prices later in the week.

David Dust said...

WOW!! That's cheap!!

I had the list in my backpack, and forgot to bring it with me to Associated today. Will try later in the week.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

that's a HUGE difference-


mistress maddie said...

Boy what a difference! You are too much, but intresting to see none the less!

MakingSpace said...

ITEM/ MANHATTAN/ SE WA state/Paradise
1 dozen eggs / $2.62/ 1.59/4.00
6oz chunk light tuna / 2.42/ 1.25/3.00
1lb pork sausage / 5.36/ 3.49/5.00
160z frozen corn/ 2.59/ 2.29/4.00
tbone per lb/ 15.99/ 11.63/???who buys this?
1/2 gal milk/ 2.52/ 1.59/5.00
1/2 gal OJ/ 5.32/ 3.29/5.00
frozen prepared dish / 4.92/ 4.29/6.00
iceberg lettuce/ 3.32/ 1.99/???who buys this???
1lb ground beef/ 4.82/ 3.19/5.00

Yep. Price o' Paradise... I ballparked my answers but I'm astonished at how cheap stuff is other places...

froggy said...

I remember my mom being shocked (over 20 years ago) at the price of green onions.

froggy said...

Make that in paradise!

MakingSpace said...

I do remember back when I moved here thinking prices were insane, but now I pay three bucks for a pack of ten flour tortillas without blinking - much...

Beth said...

I am SO gonna do this for my area!

Joy said...

I'll have to check prices and add to this. Where is this Paradise with such high prices? Wow!

froggy said...