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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bravo and Top Chef takes pimpage to a whole new level!!

(Three guesses where I stole the illustration. Actually you will probably only need one guess. Forgive me, but it showed up right away while googling 'pimp top chef'. Credit due to Shamu at http://thekarmickitchen.blogspot.com/)

"On March 30, Bravo will host simultaneous upfront events for buyers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, all of which will be attended by the network's various celebrities. Bravo will in turn show scenes from the upfront events live during its broadcast of the finale of "Top Chef All-Stars," using the promo time that aims to keep consumers around during commercial breaks.

Bravo breathlessly says -- with a lot of hype, mind you -- that "this unprecedented initiative will -- for the very first time -- allow home viewers a glimpse into this 'invitation only' advertising soiree," which will appear on screen during the network's promo time."

Full article here.


Big Shamu said...


My Life's Achievement.....Tom in the Purple Pimp Suit and Padma-Vision.

It is a Happy Happy Day.

As for Bravo and pimpage, at least they are honest about it. As I've said before, their goal is that every second that airs needs to be pimped. Otherwise, failure.

MakingSpace said...

Aaaaaaaand suddenly we understand why there are two more episodes of this beast. One's gonna be an infomertial. Nice.

Go Shamy with the photochopping. Ha.

Joy said...


Dan said...

My invite must have gotten lost in the mail for the Chicago event. I would love to be part of the pimpage.