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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All Stars Top Chef Finale!

Interesting that Tom talked about a chef being a leader, not just a great cook. Hmmm, what was I saying last week?? I ranted on David's and Shamy's blogs about how the top chef needs to have so many more qualities than just making good food.
So did the right chef win? Over the whole season?
I'm okay with the winner.
And I'm very happy with who won fan favorite!


MakingSpace said...

I think the show lost.

David Dust said...

Now - looking back - it almost seems as if this entire season was cooked up (so to speak) in order to finally let Richard Blais become Top Chef. Kind of lame.

I didn't see who won fan fave - so I'm gonna get on The Googlez now to find out...


Bob said...

I'm kinda glad Richard won, and, well, I'll say it, Mike grew on me last night, and not like a lesion you see a doctor about, but like a good chef.
He's still an arrogant f**K. I mean, he said Second Place was First Loser, and then when he got First Loser, he said he won.
Huh? What? Huh?
And Carla as Fan Favorite!


Tivo Mom said...

I enjoyed the season and loved most of the people on the show. Wanted Dale in the finale...

Dan said...

I am with David, Luis and I said in the second or third week that Richard was going to whine, I mean win.

The editors did not do such a great job in the editing room.